Saturday, September 29, 2007

Su Jok Therapy

Su means hand and Jok means foot in Korean language. Prof. Park Jae Woo, Korean philosopher discovered this therapy based on the structural similarity of hands and feet to various parts of the body. He teaches Correspondence systems in Guide to Su Jok Therapy, Seed Therapy, etc. He also developed Su Jok Acupuncture based on Byol Meridians, Six Ki Constitutions, Ten Celestial Stem Constitutions, Ten Emotional Constitutions and Ten Reason Constitutions. He explains Auricular therapy in detail in Onnuri Auricular Therapy Vol 1-3. He later went on to develop new systems of treatment like Twist Therapy, Towel Twist, Smile Meditation, Smile Yoga, etc.

You can learn this simple but very effective method of alternative therapy from the following books:

  • Lectures on Su Jok Acupuncture
  • Onnuri Auricular Therapy Vol.1
  • Onnuri Auricular Therapy Vol.2
  • Onnuri Auricular Therapy Vol.3
  • Su Jok Therapy
  • Su Jok Therapy Vol. 2
  • Thumb is Head
  • Towel Twist
  • Twist Therapy
  • Guide to Smile Yoga
Let us see some instruments used in Su Jok therapy

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kimaya said...

Thats really an basic info about sujok seed therapy that most of may not be aware of, thanks for sharing the post.